StartKIT (XS1-U16A-128-FB217) with second ULPI

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StartKIT (XS1-U16A-128-FB217) with second ULPI

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Can I connect, I mean will it work, if I connect a USB ULPI PHY to the second tile, the only tile visible for users on StartKIT? I've read the XUD library uses some HW "acceleration" for USB, also I would need to use L-version of the core (U and 200 use the built-in PHY), and the XUD library documentation mentions pins X0D12 - X0D24 for the L-series.
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As long as you follow Appendix K of ... t(1.4).pdf it seems to me it should work. Unless XMOS disabled the UIFM for some reason, but they specifically state in Sec 2 of ... l(1.3).pdf that "If you are using startKIT as a development platform and intend to run your final application on a commercially available single tile device, it may be helpful to review the XS1-A8A-64-FB96 Datasheet.

I haven't tried it and I don't have the hardware so take what I say with a huge grain of salt.