XS1-U8A dfu programming

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XS1-U8A dfu programming

Post by genap »

I have a legacy project - USB multi channel audio mixer with DSP, microphones' control etc.
The project was designed with the xTime Composer 13.3.2 and based on the reference design 6.5.0.
Due to necessity to program DSP and microphones I also have a data file.
Now I need to implement dfu upgrade for this design.
I've verified the dfu file, both firmware upgrade file and data file are present in a binary.
XMOS is connecting ok and recognized by dfu.
When upgrading, DFU shows 118200 bytes transferred and succesful upgrade, so it seems like both upgrade file and data file are transferred.
Nevertheless only the upgrade file is getting programmed , but data file doesn't change.

If anybody still remembers what the XS1 is :), please advice me on possible resolution to this problem.

Thank you.

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Post by mmar »

DFU sw in 6.5 or any audio sw , dont have in code support to flash data partitions. Then you need try write this part .