#pragma xta endpoint "received_command" and #pragma xta endpoint "deliver_return" info Topic is solved

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#pragma xta endpoint "received_command" and #pragma xta endpoint "deliver_return" info

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We have a product based on the xCORE-200 Multichannel Audio platform that is essentially a USB to SPDIF (optical/coax) converter. Current we're removing a lot of unused functionality and streamlining a number of areas within the sample code. In the function deliver() [audio.xc] there are the following pragmas, #pragma xta endpoint "received_command" and #pragma xta endpoint "deliver_return". Looking through XCC-Pragma-Directives_X6947A.pdf it doesn't much about what do these two directives actually do; so what exactly do they do - code/assembler wise - and is it safe to move them into another function with similar operation?


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See section 14 of the xTIMEcomposer user guide. "received_command" and "deliver_return" are labels.