Porting Forth to the XMOS

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Porting Forth to the XMOS

Post by lozinski »

I am interested in porting Forth to the XMOS chips.
Forth is very small, perfect for these micro controllers.
The Parallax implementation of Forth only takes up 2K of Ram.
The advantage of the XMOS chip is that it is the only chip I know of with native support for CSP.
The Parallax comes with Forth preinstalled in Flash, but each of the 8 processors have to wait for access to the shared memory. GreenArrays is also interesting, but it has too little memory, particularly per processor.
So here I am.
Is anyone else here interested in Forth?
Christopher Lozinski
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Post by mon2 »

We bought into the Green Arrays devkit but never did understand Forth so shelved it. Perhaps did not focus enough to learn the language. These days, more interested to learn about neural nets (CNN, etc.).
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Post by CousinItt »

I've flirted with Forth occasionally over a long period, but never needed to use it. Due to the similarities between the basic xmos architecture and the ARM cortex-M, at least from a programmer's model standpoint, I would have thought a port of one of the cortex-M implementations would be relatively painless.

You can find a few here: