DSD Odd Output

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DSD Odd Output

Post by GeorgeIoak »

Been working on a custom board using the XU216 and ES9068 DAC. All PCM works perfectly up to and including 768kHz. If I connect the board to a Windows PC and use Audirvana and WASAPI (not ASIO with Thesycon drivers) both DSD Native and PCM work perfectly. I confirmed that the I2S output from the XMOS is truly DSD and not converted to DoP.

I'm using XMOS USB VID because in Linux if the kernel doesn't see a recognized DAC it will not pass DSD Native. Running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 4 and connecting my board PCM again looks perfect up to and including 768kHz. However if I play DSD I can see the correct DSD format being using in Linux (SPECIAL DSD_U32_BE), the ES9068 sees the incoming stream as DSD yet the analog output looks like the digital data instead of the expected sine wave.

I know this combination works in volumio because I bought a Gustard DAC that uses the same XU216 and ES9068. Somehow the board works perfectly on Windows so that would lead me to believe that both the firmware, ES9068 settings, and hardware are fine.

On the scope I don't see any excess jitter and the clocks seem rock solid and when looking at the DSD data I always see BCLK/DCLK rising right in the middle of the data pulse.

I've been messing with this for quite awhile and am out of ideas so I figure maybe someone else has some fresh ideas as to what might be going on.

Thanks in advance...

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Post by Ross »

Did you get this fixed? It reads as if the DAC is not being correctly configured for DSD maybe?