PLL used for the synqrunization

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PLL used for the synqrunization

Post by Mehdi »

Hello together,
I am for the first time using a XMOS for data transfer (TDIM -> USB).
I used the usb-audio6.15.2 code for my application, which also worked.
Since I have on an external clock, which I used for my synqrunisation I want to use that also as clock. on the boad is the PLL cs2100.
does anyone have an idea what I should change in the code to take the external clock as tackt.

thanks in advance.
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Post by Mashkavox »

I have a pickit2 but no adapters for the bare chips. I'd appreciate any advice about how to program the PIC used in the dongle. I saw a bunch on J1 systems I think I have that right but I'm not sure I they will work, which one to get, and how to use it?